Hello! My name is Hana Tulinská.

My biggest interest is Educational Technology. Keywords of my work could be: online education, information literacy, feedback literacy, online tutoring, information science.

Currently I am…

A researcher at Masaryk University, Czech Republic

  • Current research: Knowledge transfer platform – information literacy program for high schools in open online environment. Supported by Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.
  • Feedback literacy and online tutoring. Dissertation topic.
  • Previous publications

University teacher at Division of information studies and librarianship

Spring semester
  • VideoLab: The studio of creating educational videos 
  • Tutoring university online courses
  • Presentation of information on the Internet

Head of bachelor study path Educational Technology at Department of information studies and librarianship

Leader of project Innovation and tutoring open university online courses

Student of doctoral program at Institute for Research at School Education

Graduate of

You can contact me by e-mail tulinska@kisk.cz.